LOUISE MIDGLEY checks out the new plants and products to brighten and enliven your garden this spring


Desdemona (Musk Hybrid)

Rosarians will covet the three new English Roses being introduced to the extensive collection of David Austin Roses, this season. My absolute favourite is the graceful blush white Desdemona.

Tones of white are essential to planting schemes as they bring calmness and serenity to borders while still radiating brightness when light levels are low.

The beautiful Desdemona is bestowed with a long flowering period, an intense myrrh fragrance and good disease resistance.

Kelmscott and Sir Walter Scott are the two other introductions, both pink and worthy of a place in any garden.

Available from David Austin: www.davidaustinroses.com

Geranium ‘Spanish Wine Burgundy’spa

The Vernon Nursery has been chosen as the only nursery in the world to supply the sensational new geranium: Spanish Wine Burgundy.

Each velvety petal is rimmed with a soft pink, frivolous edge, which contrasts perfectly against the rich green foliage. This geranium enjoys a lengthy period of repeat flowering, starting early in the season and continuing well into autumn. Perfect for providing colour on the patio, in hanging baskets or window-boxes.

Supplied as plug plants: 1 plug plant £3.99, 5 plug plants £11.99, 10 plug plants £19.99. Available from the Vernon Nursery: www.vernonplants.com

homHonolulu furniture

If this is the year to update your conservatory or garden furniture, a trip to your local Homebase store may prove productive.

Their stylish new ranges have a strong emphasis on comfort, with plump comfy cushions and generous sized chairs and sofas on offer.

The hand-woven, rattan Honolulu range is eye catching for its big bold soft curves in relaxing muted tones. Ideal for those down-times when life can be savoured at a slower pace.

The Honolulu Sofa Set costs £999.99 and is available from Homebase: www.homebase.co.uk



Seasonal displays

While we would all love a patio filled with floriferous seasonal containers, it’s not always achievable for those of us who find the effort too much or have priorities elsewhere.

Garden Wants is a new venture from the long-established company, Jersey Plants Direct, aimed at helping gardeners fulfil their horticultural dreams with the click of a mouse.

This spring they launch an innovative system, which takes all the hassle out of having to replant your pots and hanging baskets throughout the year.

Each season they will send out a ready-planted mature display in a biodegradable container to be popped into your pot or basket. The choice of plants, colours and shape of replacement insert is all down to you.

Available from Garden Wants. For details of their 12-month, low cost continuity plan contact: www.gardenwants.com

tomF1 Indigo Rose/White Cherry Twin, Grafted Tomato Plants

If you have never grown a grafted tomato plant, you really are missing out. This system has been used commercially for years to produce high yielding crops that are less susceptible to pests and diseases and fruit over a longer period than normal plants.

The black skinned Indigo Rose and the creamy coloured White Cherry have been selected not just for their attractive contrasting tones but also for their complementary individual flavours.

The White Cherry is sweetness personified with barely a touch of acid and the Indigo Rose boasts a fresh savoury flavour with a hint of smokeyness.

Grown in a container in a sunny sheltered site this stunning black and white duo will certainly be a talking point when dripping with fruit.

Three Super Plug Plants £12.99 available from Suttons Seeds: www.suttons.co.uk

Posh Sheds got

A shed from The Posh Shed Company is one to be proud of. Each building, whether off the shelf or bespoke is aesthetically designed to stand out from the crowd and enhance the garden in which it resides.

Customers can stamp their own individual mark on any shed by customising it with a choice of colours and three different options for the roof finish. The easy-to-navigate website is full of inspiring images and creative solutions for those who have a minimum of space to play with. The ‘Half Posh Sheds’ may only be small but offer generous internal storage space.

The Gothic Shed in the picture stands out from the crowd with its pretty arched windows and ornate fascia boards and will grace any garden for years to come.

For prices and oodles of inspiration visit: www.theposhshedcompany.co.uk


Growing Success GrowQube

Get the best possible yields from tomatoes, peppers and chillies with the new square-shaped GrowQube.

Trials by Gardening Which showed that over 50 per cent more fruit was produced in the deeper GrowQube than in a conventional grow bag by allowing an extensive root system to flourish in the extra depth of the bag.

The company’s patented ‘SuperFyba’ growing medium includes a balanced mix of primary nutrients and essential trace elements, along with 25 per cent premium vermiculite to trap air and water within the mix.

These GrowQubes are ideal for growing vegetables in a courtyard or patio and excellent for encouraging children to take an interest in growing their own food. Tomatoes plants started off when all risk of frost has passed will have crops ready to pick during the latter half of the summer school holidays.

The Growing Success ‘GrowQube’ is available from leading garden centres nationwide and high street chains.

For further information visit the Growing Success website at: www.william-sinclair.co.uk