​Adlington Retirement Living takes the stress out of moving, and offers a warm welcome to its five developments in the north

When Audrey, aged 86, chose her new apartment at The Folds in Romiley, near Stockport, she hardly had to lift a finger.

Adlington Retirement Living’s specialist partner, The Senior Move Partnership, offers services to take the stress, hard work and worry out of moving.


Audrey explains: “The lady who helped me to move was very, very good.

“When I arrived in my new apartment, I relaxed in a different room whilst she put everything away for me.

“It was so helpful. I wouldn’t have been able to move furniture around, which she did, and I didn’t have to tell her where to put everything. She made a really good job of it. She was lovely, really lovely.”

Senior Move Manager Michelle Park and her team offer a range of services depending on each client’s needs.

Michelle said: “Some clients are happy to sort through their belongings themselves and might just want our help organising where it’s all going to. Others might want help sorting through everything – from the contents of their wardrobes and drawers to their kitchens, lofts, sheds and garages. We take one room at a time and sit together so they can decide what they want to do with each item and then we make it happen.”

Joan and Bill

Joan, aged 85, and Bill, aged 86, knew they had a lot to sort out when they moved to The Chimes in Cheadle, Stockport, in December 2019.

​Joan said: “The clearing was unbelievable! Can you imagine in a six-bedroom house what a lot of lovely things you can store?

“My daughter came over and just took every book off every shelf and created three piles: ‘keep’, ‘not sure’ and ‘get rid’. It was essential.

“She actually got us going. It was so important to do it. We didn’t have professional help managing our move, but I think a manager to help you through everything would be really good.

“Living in a Victorian house, the rooms were very large, we had big pieces of furniture. These apartments are very modern and very fresh. They’re brand new.

“A piece of advice would be, forget about your last house. Get rid of it all and have a fresh start. Go shopping! Why not start again? I wish I had. I know one or two people here who are pleased they did.”

All Adlington’s customers are offered a complimentary Simple Move service which includes: a consultation with a professional moving advisor; a Personal Clerk service to help with changing utilities, removals and change of address cards; a handyman service for eight hours; and a delicious lunch in the table service restaurant the day they move in.

Alexandra Johnson, Sales and Marketing Director for Adlington Retirement Living, said: “It’s an extra helping hand from us that makes a big difference to our homeowners.

“The support from the handyman is ideal for having your curtains, blinds and artwork installed, any new furniture assembled, and shelves or bookcases fitted.

“In addition, a selection of moving services are available depending on each individual’s circumstances and needs, to ensure their move is as easy as possible.”

Eddie, aged 89, and Mabel, aged 83, who moved to The Bridges in Macclesfield, Cheshire, in January 2020, took the opportunity to get rid of the old and move in with the new.

Mabel said: “We’ve enjoyed buying a bit more modern furniture for our apartment. We’ve always been very traditional in the past, so it’s been nice to change our style. I enjoy interior design.”

Eddie added: “We’ve quite enjoyed buying new stuff. Our storeroom here is great too. It’s like my tool shop. I loaded it up with things I fancied taking with me, because I had a lot of tools.”

Joan was particularly pleased with the warm welcome she and Bill received at The Chimes on moving day.

A piece of advice would be, forget about your last house. Get rid of it all and have a fresh start. Go shopping!

“The day you move into your apartment, you all go in and have a lovely lunch in the restaurant, but we were delayed with our move.

“Cheery Adam, our manager, said hello and asked if we wanted ‘a cup of tea or a double whiskey!’

“Those sorts of things make you feel so much better, don’t they?

“Well, they then presented us with this amazing plate of sandwiches and salad. It lasted for three days. That sort of welcome was lovely.”

Come and see for yourself

If you would like to find out more about Adlington Retirement Living, a range of beautifully furnished show apartments are open to view Monday to Saturday at The Woodlands in Heaton Mersey, Stockport, Jacobs Gate in Sheffield, Yorkshire, The Sailings in Southport, Merseyside, The Folds in Romiley, Stockport and The Cottons in Ramsbottom, Manchester from 10am to 5pm. Call 01260 288900 to find out more or visit Adlington.co.uk.

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