She taught a generation of children to make things with sticky back plastic and empty Fairy Liquid bottles. Now Valerie Singleton is  entertaining residents of a care home

Former Blue Peter presenter Valerie Singleton OBE is delighting residents at Colten Care’s Abbey View home in Sherborne, Dorset, not with ‘100 ways with empty loo rolls’ but with stories and films of her worldwide travels.

RADA-trained Valerie, 78, first became associated with the home through her late father, who was a resident there before his death seven years ago.

“I had spent some days looking at a number of homes for Dad, who was then 96, and this was the last one of the day. I walked in and thought ‘wow, this is like a hotel’,” Valerie said.

Since his death she has continued her link with Abbey View by drawing raffles and attending special occasions which has now expanded into monthly talks.

Valerie, who lives in a farmhouse near Sherborne, added: “I have quite a good collection of travel pieces on DVD and I try to intersperse them with readings.

“I give an introduction about how it came about, sit back and wallow in memories, talk a little bit afterwards and then go and have a nice lunch with everyone.”

For 10 years Valerie was the star of Blue Peter, before moving on to present Nationwide and the Money Programme.