TV’s Dr Hilary Jones has predicted a boom in people seeking the park home lifestyle in the wake of Covid-19, as months of isolation leave them craving the social and health benefits of living amongst a like-minded community.

Dr Jones’s comments come following a report from park and holiday home manufacturer Willerby, which surveyed 2,000 UK residential park home owners to understand just why more and more people are choosing this style of living.

Park homes are permanent residential homes that provide low maintenance, stress-free living for retirees and those wishing to downsize, without compromising on style, luxury and modern amenities.

Dr Hilary Jones said: “With many older people spending such a long period of time alone during the Coronavirus lockdown, I think we’ll see a real spike in people craving the community feel that park home living offers.

“More than ever people are keen to seize new adventures and different ways of living, and residential parks offer a great way to build an active social life and meet new people.

“Each age group has been affected in different ways by the pandemic, and we know older people have felt particularly isolated. It could be a great choice for those seeking a new lease of life.”

A third of residents surveyed by Willerby in its ‘Great British Break Off’ report said having a friendly community around them was the main benefit of park life.

Interest in park home living is clearly on the rise, with Willerby reporting an 58 per cent increase in web visits from those seeking a bespoke home year-on-year.

Some 60 per cent of those surveyed said the scenic location was the main reason they preferred living in a park home, along with having beautiful places to visit on your doorstep.

Dr Hilary believes all of these factors contribute to better physical and mental health. He said: “As we get older, it’s important to make new friends and stay curious by hearing fresh ideas and conversation; because the minute you stop listening, you stop learning.

“Many parks have a village feel and you join a community of those with similar interests. It also makes it easier to get involved in group activities such as rambling or horticulture when you have the mutual encouragement of your neighbours.

“Park life also offers independence, but with the peace of mind that there are plenty of other people around you should you need help or company. This can work wonders on mental health, by giving people confidence and making them feel more energised and positive.”

Peter Munk, CEO of Willerby, added: “We know that sales of rural homes in some of Britain’s most appealing villages this year have already outstripped the total property sales in 2019 amid increasing efforts to escape to the country*, so it’s interesting to see this mirrored in the residential park homes sector too as people seek more spacious and picturesque surroundings.

“Of course, the move from bricks and mortar to a park home is a big decision and we often spend months with couples and families to make sure everything from the location to the design of the home is just right for them, which is always an exciting process.

“Homes come fully furnished and are completely bespoke to each family’s needs.

“And with our report with Dr Hilary highlighting so many health benefits of the lifestyle, it’s not surprising to learn that those taking the plunge have no regrets.”

To read the full findings of Willerby’s ‘Great British Break Off’ report, go to here

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