Sheila Mellar

Two retired ladies – with a lot in common – have found their ideal homes at Pegasus Steepleton in Gloucestershire after discovering they could rent or buy

Beryl Mather

Beryl Mather, had lived her whole life in Tameside near Manchester.

But after her partner died she decided to investigate moving to a retirement development, finally finding her dream home near her son Paul in Wiltshire.

Beryl viewed a range of properties from managed accommodation, to bungalows and apartments in different locations close to the village of Sherston where Paul and his wife Gail live.

Steepleton, in Tetbury,  was the first independent-living community they visited.

“As soon as we arrived at Steepleton I knew it was just what I wanted,” said Beryl.

“It felt like an ordinary home compared to other “assisted” ones elsewhere.”

Beryl was set on the one-bedroom ground floor apartment.

Not only did it tick all her boxes in terms of space and size it also offered her the choice to buy or rent.

Several operators are offering buyers the choice to buy or rent.

Some offer options such as rent before you buy or part-buy part-rent, while others let you rent on a permanent basis.

Lifestory offers its buyers Lifestyle Choices which proved a game changer for Beryl.

“After discussing with my son the option to rent at Steepleton, we thought it would be a sensible decision for me,” she explains.

“Renting a home comes with less responsibility, yet there was still the option to buy if I wished,” she explained.

It was also the solution for Sheila Mellar, Beryl’s daughter-in-law’s mother, who now also rents a home at Steepleton, another Pegasus development which is part of the Lifestory Group.

After a life of home ownership, Sheila found the freedom of renting appealing because it gave her the flexibility and equity to be able to do as she wished – without home ownership holding her back.

Any concerns about renting were quickly eliminated as Sheila adds:

“When I asked for more detail on renting, the Pegasus team were quick to provide me with all the information I needed and assured me they want those that rent to stay as long as possible.

“This eliminated my concerns, as you often hear stories of landlords wanting to sell the rental home and the tenant having to look for somewhere new.

“Also, if for any reason I decided to move from this home, I wouldn’t have to go to the trouble of selling it. I could even rent another apartment at Steepleton or at one of the other Lifestory communities.”

“The irony is Sheila lives just round the corner,” said Beryl.

“So we are now both within easy reach of our families and can see them regularly whilst retaining the benefit of being independent. And if they go away, they know we both have the support of Steepleton to fall back on. A perfect solution”

For Beryl, the decision to move to Steepleton has provided other benefits too.

There is ample storage and a walk-in wardrobe, which made downsizing from her three-bedroom house easier.

“Even though it’s only a one bedroom it’s a good size,” she added. “The open plan aspect gives a feeling of space.

“The quality of everything is first class, I love everything about my new home. It feels very safe, there’s someone in the office during the day and security at night.”

But perhaps more important than anything – she feels at home.

“Home for me is a place where I can enjoy and totally relax, I always look forward to coming home.

“I’m quite a home bird.

“It’s not just a place to sleep and eat it has to be comfortable to enjoy it fully. And this home ticks all those boxes, everything is brand new, so easy to keep clean and definitely worth waiting for!”

Steepleton enjoys an enviable location nestled in the heart of The Cotswolds making it the perfect base for enjoying the next chapter of one’s life in a thriving community.

To find out more about buying or renting a home at Steepleton in Tetbury contact the team on 01666 848219 or email steepleton@lifestory.group.

Sale prices start from £299,000 and rental prices start from £1,848pcm.

Specialist age exclusive property provider, Pegasus, which is part of the Lifestory Group, creates high-end homes for retirees.

With a focus on communities across the UK, the company has developments in a variety of locations from Jesmond in Newcastle to Falmouth in Cornwall.