More members of the older generation are throwing caution to the wind and emigrating to being a new life without their children

A survey, divulging the attitudes of UK residents to moving overseas, has discovered that as with each passing year, the more likely you are to move to warmer climes with nothing but your passport.

The study, conducted by removals company Bishop’s Move, surveyed 1000 people and discovered that 20% of those aged 55 or over would happily move abroad with just their passport and start afresh.

Following in the fictional footsteps of Shirley Valentine, 21% of  those surveyed aged 55 and over also revealed they feel less guilty about leaving their family behind in the UK compared to 43% of those aged between 16-24 who said they wouldn’t move abroad due to the guilt of leaving behind their more senior family members.

Nationally, 15% would bring nothing except their passport if they were to emigrate with a quarter (24%) of men saying this was all they’d bring compared to just 9% of women.

Chris Marshall, Sales & Marketing Director at Bishop’s Move said: “These figures throw up all sorts of surprises. I would have fully expected the results to have been the opposite way round on two fronts; firstly I would have predicted the younger generations would be more inclined to relocate abroad with just their passports.

“Secondly, I would’ve said the older generations would felt more guilt about relocating abroad and leaving their family behind. Instead my initial predictions have been turned upside down.

Founded in 1854, Bishop’s Move www.bishopsmove.com is the UK’s largest family owned removals company.