Replacing a boiler can cost a fortune but now you can benefit from a new scheme that lets you benefit from the latest green, ultra-efficient heating system for an initial outlay of just £99

Verdabelo uses up-to-the-minute technology that results in a huge reduction in fuel consumption and, crucially, Co2 emissions of 2.1 tonnes – that’s the equivalent of the poison emissions made by a mid-sized car driven for 7,500 miles.
The result is financial savings for an average-sized house of between £350 and £550 per year.

Customers pay a deposit of £99 followed by £36 a month for the next seven years which funds the cost of a new Worcester combo boiler (£3,123).

Verdabelo assesses each home to recommend the best boiler for you, which in most cases is the Worcester Greenstar iErP combi, rated as ‘A’ and one of the most efficient condensing boilers available. For large houses a bigger boiler may be recommended costing £39 a month.

The boiler, which carries a 10-year warranty and is installed by a Worcester-registered installer, can also be programmed remotely via the internet using a smart device such as an iPhone.

In most cases the savings on your fuel bills will match or exceed the cost of the scheme as Verdabelo founder Csaba von Csiky explains: “Most boilers in the UK are rated ’G’ which means they are using far too much fuel and producing terrible levels of Co2 emissions. Our system both saves money, saves fuel and helps us all towards a greener planet.”

The warranty only comes into force if a proper annual maintenance is carried out by a reputable company. In the case of Verdabelo, which is regulated by the FCA, the cost is £70 a year, compared to British Gas which charges £360 and Corgi £184 per annum.

For more information visit www.verdabelo.co.uk