Unique, idyllic and independent Woodchester Valley Village offers homes to active retirees

Located just below stunning Woodchester Park, a tranquil wooded valley owned by the National Trust, Woodchester Valley Village is a charming enclave not far from Nailsworth and Stroud with local facilities and transport on the doorstep.

One of the village’s unique features is that it is owned and managed by its residents.

Turned into a mutual company by the homeowners in 2013, Woodchester Valley provides an idyllic independent-living environment for young-at-heart retirees keen to join a friendly community with plenty of facilities and activities.

The Village offers leasehold properties for people who still wish to retain their independence but know there is extra support if needed.

There are 38 houses and cottages and 33 apartments built from elegant Cotswold stone with stunning views from every window; some homes even have sunrooms and studies set in courtyard gardens, woodland and lakeside settings.

There is also a guest suite for visitors, and a range of communal areas and services.

The Village is ideal for those who want to free themselves from the worries of owning and maintaining a large home and garden.

Woodchester Valley owners want to spend their time enjoying themselves.

And there is plenty to enjoy.

As well as rural walks, you’re never far from the sound of running water coming from a river or lake, or the gardens and the Village’s own orchard.

Many of the properties have their own gardens with contractors on hand to assist, and allotments producing fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs.

Well-behaved and socialised pets are welcome, and when the time comes to say goodbye to your beloved companion, successors are welcome.

There are staff on duty 24 hours a day.

An experienced chef runs the stylish restaurant, providing delicious, freshly prepared meals.

It’s open every day, so if you don’t feel like cooking you can sit down to a freshly-prepared gourmet meal just a few yards from your front door.

The restaurant can also deliver freshly-cooked meals to you in the comfort of your home.

Daily coffee mornings and afternoon teas are very popular for resident get togethers and for new homeowners to meet and befriend existing ones.

Everyone is so friendly.

Homeowners often arrange shopping trips and even organise group holidays.

With its informal layout and mix of property types, the Village has a friendly supportive community feel.

Residents can be as sociable as they wish, confident in the knowledge that a helpful neighbour is not far away.

There are no profit-making shareholders like other retirement developments, so costs are tightly reviewed, well-managed and kept to a minimum

As a mutually-owned Village, the Village land is owned by a co-operative and residents are leaseholders. It also means that every leaseholder has a share, and a say, in the way the Village is run.

There are no profit-making shareholders like other retirement developments, so costs are tightly reviewed, well-managed and kept to a minimum. the Board of Directors is made up of residents and family members, who set direction.

We have experienced senior management staff to manage the services, delivered by a friendly and helpful team.

Residents and family members meet to discuss topics like the gardening and restaurant services in working groups.

Their views then get passed to the Board as recommendation, to be voted on by everyone, as needed. This means that discussions are open, decisions are made by a majority and carried out by an efficient, response team.

The Village has a well-stocked library, hairdresser, village shop, a ‘Green Room’ for small gatherings and The Octagon lounge for larger events.

The smart air-conditioned minibus offers regular shopping trips and is available for social excursions.

A housekeeping team provides cleaning and laundry services, while the maintenance team handles odd jobs and small repairs.

Reception staff will take deliveries when you’re out; deliver your newspapers and even let the dog out for a comfort break if you’re out for a few hours.

There’s always something happening to excite and interest residents; illustrated talks, musical recitals, quizzes, games afternoons, themed lunches and dinners, and wine tastings to mention a few.

There’s plenty going on outside the village too.

The Cotswolds are particularly rich in tourist and shopping destinations.

One to four-bedroom homes are available at Woodchester Valley.

To sample this unique village, visit https://www.woodchestervalleyretirementvillage.co.uk/or contact the Village Manager at: manager@woodchestervalleyvillage.co.uk

Woodchester Village