Moving to a retirement community can give you a new lease of life, but it is a big commitment you may not want to rush

With McCarthy & Stone you can now take advantage of different options to suit you and your budget and start living life to the full even sooner than you imagined. You can purchase an apartment outright, but also choose to rent or part-buy part-rent.

Choosing to rent provides the flexibility to enjoy the freedoms and benefits the McCarthy & Stone lifestyle offers, without having to make a full commitment, or even sell your existing home.

Tenants can still enjoy the same security and peace of mind as home owners thanks to the long-term tenancies McCarthy & Stone offers, and access the on-site bistros, wellbeing suites, regular events and even flexible care packages if required – sooner than you thought possible.

Imagine being settled into your brand-new, low maintenance apartment in weeks rather than months.

Robert and Jennifer Wragg

Robert Wragg and his wife Jennifer, who married in their 50s after meeting later in life, discovered the flexibility of renting at the perfect time.

They were looking to buy a home together and wanted to stay in the Redditch area, but with local property prices being so high they knew they may not have the budget for one.

Then they discovered Milward Place which was being built in the area and offering homes to rent. So they decided to take the plunge.

Robert was jubilant. “We can cover the rent without having to think about buying again.

“Initially we took out a 12-month contract so we could decide for ourselves how we liked it, but after being here just a few weeks we’re really enjoying ourselves and the sense of freedom it has given us is fantastic.”

Robert still works so his spare time is very precious to him, and with McCarthy & Stone’s flexible rental option he can make sure he spends his free time doing what he wants.

“If something goes wrong we just ring McCarthy & Stone and they arrange for someone to come and fix the problem,” he adds.

“In our previous home we were forever decorating and cleaning. Now the apartment is so low maintenance we barely have to lift a finger.”

Barbara Higginbotham (left) and her close friend Dorothy Leake at Fairway View

Barbara Higginbotham chose to rent an apartment at Fairway view in Brough in Yorkshire.

Moving quickly meant she could enjoy a planned cruise without worrying about packing and unpacking boxes. What’s more she was also able to release some financial equity once the sale of her existing property had gone through.

“I didn’t want my money to be stuck in a bank,” she said. “I wanted to be in control of it, and to be able to use it for what I needed.

“It was also important to me to be able to give something to my nieces and help them along in their lives.”

A seasoned traveller, Barbara has been all over the Caribbean, Australia and the Mediterranean; and now with the added freedom renting has given her, she intends on fulfilling more of her travel ambitions, while at the same time, enjoying an active social life at the development.

To find out more about how renting can help you to enjoy your retirement to the full, call McCarthy & Stone on: 0800 2014811, or visit: www.mccarthandstone.co.uk

Milward Place

Fairway View