An extra helping hand will let you to maintain your independence for longer and enhance your life

Retirement is a wonderful prospect; enjoying work-free days where you can visit friends, spoil the grandchildren or take some well-earned time for yourself.

But there are also other things to consider, such as maintaining your health, ensuring you can still look after yourself and your home and also what will happen as you get older and perhaps less physically able.

For some retirees, support at home isn’t required at the moment, but for others, even a little assistance is making a huge difference enabling them to continue living independently in a stress-free environment.

Home support provider Helping Hands can assist with a variety elements that could make all the difference to keeping yourself safe and well at home.

A support service centred around you

Lifestyle support is very much about assisting you to live life on your terms and helping you to do the things that you like  – whether that’s accompanying you to collect your groceries or helping you tend to your plants.

Helping Hands’ lifestyle service is centred completely around you, with support tailored to your preferences and timetable, enabling you to make the most of your retirement in a relaxed way.

They won’t try to take over and do everything for you – it’s about working with you to enhance your life and routines and keeping you in control.

Helping Hands uses the term ‘lifestyle assistants’ or ‘personal assistants’ rather than carers, which more accurately describes their role is.

It also allows you to feel more comfortable when referring to them with friends or family.

And assistants are very much what they are – assisting you to live independently in a way that is meaningful and dignified.

Keeping you safe and well

Helping Hands takes a holistic approach to support, meaning that your personal assistant won’t just help you with physical tasks like cooking and cleaning, but be there to support you emotionally and spiritually too.

Cooking and meal preparation

If cooking is your passion but you’re just too tired to make your favourite meals by yourself, a lifestyle assistant will help you create healthy, tasty meals in your kitchen, as well as taking care of the washing up and tidying away.

Or if cooking has never been one of your more favoured pastimes, let your assistant know exactly what you’d like to eat, and he/she will prepare it for you.


Whether you have a set way that you like your clothes laundered or there’s a particular day in the week when you like to change your bed sheets, your assistant will help you with these tasks, doing as little or as much as you require.

This service also includes vacuuming, dusting, washing the dishes, laundry, taking out the bins and cleaning.

Shopping and running errands

You may like to mix having home deliveries with popping to the shops yourself to hand pick the freshest fruit and vegetables.

Or you might be quite happy to allow your personal assistant to shop for you and run any other errands you might have, such as collecting dry cleaning or picking up your prescription.

Appointments and leaving your home

Perhaps you’ve decided that driving isn’t for you anymore or you simply like someone to accompany you when you leave the house if you have certain anxieties.

Your assistant can take you to doctors and hospital appointments, dental surgeries or even your hairdresser – wherever it is you need to be, they can help you to get there safely.

They’ll even pop out with you for a slice of cake at your favourite cafe or drop you off to visit a friend or relative.

Companionship and wellness

Maintaining your mental health is just as important as your physical health particularly if you are living alone or don’t have family close by.

Your assistant will be there to help with any hobbies, exercise or pastimes that you want to keep up with.

Helping Hands can provide you with a friendly face you can rely on and build a rapport with.

Other services from Helping Hands

Helping Hands also offers home care services for those requiring more support such as personal care, medication and mobility.

Although this may not be something you’re considering at the moment, it’s worth keeping in mind for the future should your health take a turn, or you find that you need more help at home.

They also have a live-in care service, which is exactly that – a carer who lives with you in your home who can provide you with round-the-clock support.

This option is more suited to those with long-term health conditions who require clinical care or couples who are both frail and need additional support but who don’t want to move to a care home.

Helping Hands also offers the added benefit of being able to start care packages quickly, offering emergency care in as little as 24 hours after your first call.

They also have a respite care option which is an ideal way to have care on a short-term basis and allowing you to test the waters if you need it for longer.

If you’d like to enquire about Helping Hands lifestyle support or any of their other care services, call 0808 239 8912 today or visit Helping Hands for more information.