The Covid pandemic hasn’t stopped owners at Audley’s retirement villages from singing together and recording a favourite carol

One of Audley’s key festive features among residents is its village choirs and even though live performances have been impossible – it was decided that a virtual performance was not.

The virtual choir came about as part of Audley’s Daily Delights programme to keep homeowners engaged and able to participate in some music making.

The result was a virtual choir formed of 14 owners from six villages.

Audley engaged choral conductor Guy Bunce to coordinate Audley’s first Virtual Choir’s performance of O Come All Ye Faithful.

Following a rehearsal over Zoom, owners had to record themselves following the track guide and submit their videos.

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Guy then pieced it all together resulting in the final festive track.

Audley St Elphin’s Park Choir members in particular are keen to continue with the virtual choir in the new year.

Because they cannot meet in person and sing together they have decided that continuing until the choir can return for real is something they want to do.