​A stunning waterfall of poppies created by the owners of a Churchill retirement development, evokes a powerful message this Remembrance Sunday

During the first lockdown back in March homeowners at Beatrice Lodge, a retirement apartment development in Sittingbourne, began work making hundreds of little poppies to mark this year’s Remembrance Sunday.

Little did they realise what a breathtaking display it would make from the showstopper waterfall to a garden of poppies made from plastic bottles.

“We collected 500 plastic bottles, then an owner cut then into shapes,” explained Lodge Manager Abigail Carden.

“They were then assembled and heated so they would retain the poppy form. Finally other owners joined together in the garden, keeping two metres apart, to paint them”

In the past two weeks owners have also been attaching the poppies to bamboo canes.

They even made their very own miniature London tower, which they are calling Beatrice Tower.

Some of the owners at Beatrice Lodge, a development of apartments designed for the over 55s to enjoy independent living within a community environment, have strong memories of the last war.

There are even veterans living at the Lodge which makes the stunning display even more special and poignant.