Congratulations to the five lucky winners of our Garden Photography competition for their inspiring photographs which are published below

From the moment the competition was posted online, a wonderful array of images came flooding in from all parts of the UK and interestingly the majority of entries featured wildlife in various forms. Thank you everyone for entering.

Even though it was very difficult deciding on the final five winners, the judging panel headed by Retiremove Gardening Editor Louise Midgley, was unanimous. Each winner will each receive £100 worth of vouchers to spend with the garden seeds, fruit trees and bulbs specialists Thompson & Morgan.

Below are the winning five entries as well as a selection of beautiful images from the many received.

Paul Forsyth —Bee on Wallflower —Winner


This is an outstanding image in terms of composition, colour and subject matter. Paul from Bridgend took the photograph in March, on what he described was the first real sunny weekend of the year, just as the flowers in his garden started opening, which coincided with the arrival of the first bee he had seen. A very fortuitous shot.

Kate Edwards — Dicentra —Winner


Kate took this fresh image of a Dicentra, earlier this month as she thought it looked so beautiful in the sun. She remembers her mother growing them when she was a child and giving them the nickname ‘ladies in the bath’.

John Fisher – Dragonfly on Lavender – Winner


John from Southport was lucky enough to catch this Common Darter Dragonfly on a lavender bush. He spotted it on a warm summer’s morning and stealthily crept past it to get his camera from the house and was thrilled to see it was still there when he returned.

Tina Williams – Frog – Winner


Patience is a virtue and Tina from Herefordshire waited five days to get her perfect picture of the frog in the pond. Well worth the wait and a worthy winner.

Peter Bernard — Fatsia Seed Head — Winner


Peter is a keen photographer of wildlife and plants in his spare time. He took this image of a Fatsia seed head in his garden in Surrey which fills the whole frame with its perfectly-formed orb.


Noteworthy entries

Terry Pearce – Cotinus with water droplets

cotThis stunning image was taken in Milton Keynes, after a downpour of rain that was followed by sunshine. The light and clarity of the water droplets makes it a great stand out photograph.

Patricia Leach – Blossom and ladybirdlad

The contrast of the red ladybird on the white blossom, taken by Patricia from Essex, has both charm and beauty.

Sheridan Bywater – Sunflower and Wasp


The detail of the wasp’s wings and the miniature florets of the sunflower were skilfully captured by Sheridan Bywater from Tyne and Wear, making it another amazing competition entry.

Julie Taylor – Magnificent Magnoliamag

For Julie of Newquay, the fleeting and glorious display of delicate pink Magnolia flowers against a cobalt blue sky, summed up for her the beginning of spring and had her reaching for her camera.

Paddy Ruske – Elephant Hawk Moth


Paddy has given over part of his garden in Lichfield to British wildflowers and plants that attract butterflies, moths and insects of all descriptions, which enabled him to catch this beautiful image.

Lizzie Davies – Blossom Tree


Lizzie from Kent submitted this image of a neighbour’s blossom tree, which she took with a camera she received as a Christmas present. She loves photographing wildlife and flowers and has been experimenting with different settings on the camera. Her experimenting has clearly paid off.

Terence Rogers – Crocuses


This fresh and vibrant shot of early crocuses was captured in Derby in the morning sun. The photographer, Terence, commented: “Crocuses have such a short bloom time that I wanted to capture some of their beauty before they wilted and disappeared for another year.”