Making the move from Leeds in Yorkshire to Woking in Surrey was the right one for a couple who chose a PegasusLife home for their retirement

“We’ve got peace of mind. We’ve done all our downsizing and now we can sit back and enjoy a carefree life.”

The above quote is from Mr and Mrs Leonard, 66, owners in their 60s living at Moor’s Nook, a PegasusLife development near Woking in Surrey.

PegasusLife builds properties designed to embrace a new way of life after retirement.

There is an increasing demand for modern, stylish properties that offer high quality living, but with community at its heart.

Today’s retiree is looking for homes that maintain their independence, whilst doing more of the things they love, in an environment that offers added reassurance and peace of mind.

At many PegasusLife properties, owners choose to spend their free time in a number of different ways, from overseas travel to community projects – all whilst spending more time with their nearest and dearest.

For Mr and Mrs Leonard at Moor’s Nook, location was key in their pursuit of finding the right place to live, because they wanted to be nearer to family.

It meant making a brave move, but the Leonards were so sure they’d found everything they wanted, they knew it was the right move.

After living in the north of England, near Leeds, for many years, they soon realised that the maintenance of a larger property was getting to be too much for them.

“We were living in a four bedroom house and decided to move somewhere smaller.” Mrs Leonard said.

Even though they were moving from the family home, where they had lived for decades and created a lifetime of memories, Mr and Mrs Leonard set to work finding a property that would rightsize them, but also offered a community within that would offer friendship and support.

It was also important that a move would relocate them closer to their family in the south of England.

“One of the reasons for leaving Leeds and coming down to Surrey is because we wanted to be near to our family. They live close by in Esher and Kingston on Thames.”

“It’s just the right balance” added Mr Leonard. “Not too close, not too far away. Family are pleased we’ve moved down here and pleased they can see us more often and we can have family get togethers.”

Even though Mr and Mrs Leonard were downsizing, it was still important that they had enough space.

“We were looking for larger rooms, but fewer rooms” said Mr Leonard “so we downsized and upsized at the same time.”

“Moor’s Nook looked very attractive” said Mrs Leonard. “It’s a lovely building and it reminded me of Yorkshire because the Yorkshire mills have a similar look.”

Many owners of PegasusLife properties choose to take advantage of the community living aspects to support the growth and nurture of new friendships.

However, the development is designed to maintain owners’ independence and use the communal facilities as they like.

For Mr and Mrs Leonard, they wanted to move somewhere with plenty going on so that they could join in any social events at the development and form new friendships.

“There’s always other people to chat to” said Mrs Leonard. “It’s nice to belong to a community and that is what Moor’s Nook gives. We all meet together in the communal lounge and have coffee – and I really look forward to it.

“We’re both very comfortable and content here.”

If you are looking for your next move, a PegasusLife property could be right for you.

For more information about Moor’s Nook, visit our website, or contact our sales team on 01483 319251.



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