A retired couple has swapped the world of work for the world of film since retirement

A retired couple from Southsea has turned their hand to everything including nude life modelling, appearing in a Clint Eastwood film and being extras in EastEnders – since they retired!

New homeowners at McCarthy & Stone’s Tudor Rose Court Retirement Living Plus development, Angie and Edson Chace, 68 and 76 respectively, have broadened their horizons since retiring by joining a talent agency which has placed them in over a dozen exciting roles.

Then, when we retired we thought what does it matter? Why shouldn’t we have a go?”

“I saw an ad pop up on the internet which was calling for business people to star in a video on YouTube.

My husband and I used to work in finance so I thought why not?

We travelled to London and it was a real eye opener. We had to act like we were in a gang – my husband wore his tie round his head and we got covered in spray paint, it was a lot of fun.”

It was here Angie and Edson, who have been married for 51 years, got talking to some regular “extras” who encouraged them to sign to an agency.

We had to act like we were in a gang, it was a lot of fun

They have since been chosen to be audience members and participants on The Richard and Judy Show, BBC Watchdog, and even played the comedian Jack Whitehall’s parents in a sketch show, which saw them walk in and surprise Jack in bed with his girlfriend.

“I wish we’d both had the confidence we have now, when we were at work”, says Angie. “We were so focused on the day-to-day paying of bills, the worry of one of us losing our jobs, of paying the mortgage, and we didn’t allow ourselves to just let go and have fun!

“Taking the decision to downsize and move from our three bedroom bungalow to a more manageable, low maintenance apartment with McCarthy & Stone, has given us so much time back to do all the things we enjoy.

We spent so much time fixing things around the house, tending to our large garden, cleaning – there was nothing left at the end of it!”

Throwing caution to the wind, one of the couple’s more adventurous endeavours has been posing nude for a photo-shoot, and the photograph now adorns humorous greetings cards up and down the country.

Angie and Edson Chace moved into their apartment at Tudor Rose Court in May, having longed to retire to the sea

They left behind their large bungalow in Forestside in Hampshire, and decided to embark on a new life together with nothing holding them back.

“We were quite isolated where we were, out in the countryside. It was lovely but we were keen to try and move before we needed to.

You never know what is round the corner, and while we’re both in good health, we wanted to live our retirement to the full.

When we saw the development at Southsea we knew instantly it was for us.

We put our house on the market and that was it, because we knew we wouldn’t get another opportunity like this one to live in the location we’d dreamed of.”

The facilities at Tudor Rose Court were a big selling point for the couple.

Equipped with a table-service restaurant serving freshly prepared meals daily, the couple are no strangers to inviting friends and family over to enjoy a slap-up meal.

“It’s like living in a hotel”, says Angie. “We get everyone over, we can wine and dine them and I have none of the clearing up!”

Angie also arranges for her 91 year-old mother to visit.

She lives in a care home but takes a taxi to Tudor Rose Court once a fortnight.

“It’s perfect for Mum as unlike our previous home there’s level access throughout for her wheelchair, and as we’re just a short walk from the beach.

We enjoy taking her to the promenade for some fresh air, which does her the world of good.”

Designed for the over 70s, Tudor Rose Court is perfect for those who want to own their property, with the added advantage of access to a little extra support and all the benefits of living in a community of like-minded individuals.

Facilities include a homeowners’ lounge, ideal for socialising with friends, beautifully landscaped gardens, and a convenient guest suite should homeowners have friends or relatives to stay.

Whether homeowners require help with chores such as housework or laundry, or just an extra pair of hands, support packages are tailored to individual needs.

For a one bedroom apartment at Tudor Rose Court prices starts at £233,950 and two bedroom apartments from £334,950.

To find out more information about the development, please call 0800 201 4743 or visit:http://www.mccarthyandstone.co.uk