HomesittersHaving fresh challenges to look forward to and something purposeful to focus on in retirement can be hugely appealing which is why you should try Homesitting

Research from Saga published last year suggested that the over-50s are increasingly seeking adventure in retirement, with over half of the 11,000 holidaymakers they surveyed claiming they will travel more often as they get older – up to two or three times a year.

This quest for adventure in retirement is leading many active people in their 50s, 60s and 70s to become Homesitters – a role which involves looking after people’s homes and pets, when they go on holiday.homesitters-b

This rewarding role gives people a sense of responsibility and the opportunity to visit and explore new places throughout the UK. Visiting other parts of the country is a large part of the appeal, as is the opportunity to stay in a variety of homes, from mansions to farmhouses, city-centre flats to beachside retreats.

Some Homesitters use their free time when on assignments to visit nearby attractions including National Trust properties. Others choose to spend time in the home, catching up with hobbies such as reading, knitting and painting or looking after the client’s garden.

[pullquote1 quotes=”true” align=”right” variation=”purple”]The pets are everything to us. We also love staying in grand houses and we have some fabulous clients who are really interesting.[/pullquote1]

Many assignments involve looking after pets, especially dogs, and this gives people an excuse to exercise regularly as they are required to stick to the owner’s usual walking routine for the dog. This is one of the main reasons many Homesitters decide to do the job as they are animal lovers and enjoy walking.
Jim and Ros Slaughter (above), a retired couple from Chichester in their early 60s, became Homesitters three years ago.

When they were approaching retirement, they had spent a lot of time planning their future.

Jim explained, “We wanted to do something a bit different in retirement. Getting a part time job or setting up a business didn’t really appeal because we didn’t want to be tied into a routine anymore. We wanted the freedom to travel extensively, visit new places and meet new people.”

Jim read an article about Homesitting and thought it sounded like an ideal way to combine all their hobbies. The couple are both very sporty and active. Ros plays golf and is an avid gardener and both of them enjoy walking and they are animal lovers.

The Slaughters now have six or seven regular clients who invite them back four or five times a year. They have looked after a huge variety of dogs including Alsatians, Pugs, Westies, lots of Labradors, Basset Hounds, Scottish Terriers and even Samoyed dogs.

Ros said, “Homesitting provides a real break from the routine and a chance to get fit walking the dogs. The pets are everything to us. We also love staying in grand houses and we have some fabulous clients who are really interesting.”

Jim said, “The role is fun and it’s flexible. We can take on as many or few assignments as we like. There are great benefits, but the animals really are the best part of all.”

Homesitters Ltd is a national home and pet sitting company that has been in business for over 35 years offering homesitting and pet sitting services to people in England, Scotland and Wales. To find out more about Homesitters visit: www.homesitters.co.uk